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We Care About Clients So We:

  • Listen and respond to their needs
  • Concentrate on doing things well
  • Our Philosophy - Successful Training:

  • Encourages class participation.
  • Addresses skills people need to do their job.
  • Supplies quick reference aids.
  • Goes beyond a data dump to synthesizing relevant information.
  • MVS TRAINING Process for Continuous Improvement:

  • Incorporates your company's standards and procedures into the training process.
  • Gives "TEAM CHALLENGES" enabling participants to work together to solve problems.
  • Offers "REAL TIME TRAINING" where we work on your current tasks in order to help you meet deadlines and reinforce learning.
  • Provides questions for participants to answer before and after the course so that you may evaluate our training process.
  • Includes "AH HA" technique where class lists significant items learned. These are reviewed daily enhancing the learning experience.
  • Participative Training
    Our training method emphasizes interaction. Participants use the tools they need to be productive. We supply the superior materials and expertise to reduce the learning curve.

    Custom Participative Training
    We call or visit with your representative before training collecting information and designing training to fit your people's needs. At no extra cost adding the benefit of a class created “Production Checklist” that starts to address environment specific issues, problems, topics. Your people can build upon the “Production Checklist” and use as a tool to make / measure improvements.

    Custom z/OS Training Classes for Beginners

    Linux Unix Windows z/OS
    Custom On-Site Training

    BMC Control-M, Control-M/EM & D/V New!

    CA 1, CA 7, CA 11

    CICS and MQSeries

    DB2 DataBase

    ISPF Editor—z/OS

    JCL & Utilities—z/OS

    Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux New!
    Shell Script - bash, ksh93 - awk

    New Hire Programs


    Program Languages - Perl, PL/SQL Updated!
    Click for 20+ Languages Call if Topic is not Listed

    RACF - ACF2 Security

    System Programmer

    Shell Script - Korn, Bash - awk

    UNIX HP-UX New!
    Shell Script - sh, ksh - awk

    UNIX Oracle Solaris New!
    Shell Script - ksh88, ksh93 - awk / nawk


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    Linux Unix Windows z/OS Training

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