Endevor for Application Developers
1 Day without lab -  2 Days with lab

This course prepares your application developers to fully understand the concepts and facilities of Computer Associates MVS based Endevor change management system and to be able to manipulate all types of application inventory managed in Endevor and promote them through the Client’s site source code life cycle. A site visit is necessary in order to gather the necessary information to customize the presentation to reflect the installation and customizations that were done with Endevor at the client's site. If the class does in a lab, an additional site visit (within a week of the scheduled class) is necessary as a Lab preparation day to install and prepare the lab environment.
AUDIENCE People in Application Development, People in Change Management (Systems Assurance/Quality Assurance), and People in Application Support (Project Leaders/Managers). Students should have a familiarity with TSO/ISPF and with application development
  • Gain a working understanding of what Endevor its capabilities.
  • Develop ability to view information about an application’s inventory of programs, copybooks, JCL and control cards effectively.
  • Use basic Endevor software management actions: (Add, Retrieve, Update, Move, and Delete).
  • Create and process Endevor Packages.
  • Produce application inventory and analysis reports using Endevor.
  • Ensure consistent use of dependent components and perform impact analysis.
  • Overview
  • Client Site’s TYPE and Processor Group definition
  • Viewing Information about an Applications Inventory
  • SCL preparation and execution
  • Foreground actions
  • Package processing
  • Endevor Messages
  • Endevor Application Inventory and Activity Report generation
  • Customized One Day Lab (optional) **
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