MQSeries Administration Seminar –
3 Days for distributed platforms

MQSeries System Administration Seminar is a three-day course intended for System Administrators who will be installing and tailoring the MQSeries product in the UNIX, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows NT environments. Most of the course contents also apply to other platforms such as OS/390, VSE and AS/400. The students learn to install MQSeries, set up Queue Managers, define and manage Queue Manager objects, set up Message Channels, Clusters and learn the basic problem determination techniques. The course is using machine exercises or can be set up for classroom paper exercises where customer facilities are not available.
Additional programming or system administration topics can be covered in customized follow-up workshops that address specific customer needs.
AUDIENCE System Administrators as well as operations and technical support staff responsible for the installation, administration and operation of MQ Series for distributed platforms (UNIX/AIX, NT, OS/2 and Windows/2000)
SESSION CONTENT Day 1: MQSeries Product Overview
  • Platforms supported by MQSeries
  • MQSeries Queue Managers and objects
  • Overview of messages and message queues
  • MQI - the Application Programming Interface - preparing application programs- (MVS, UNIX/AIX, AS/400, NT, OS/2, Windows)
  • Message types, priorities, triggering
  • Reports
  • MQSeries constants
  • Data conversion
Day 2 & 3
  • System Administration and Operations
      - installation
  • Single System:
       - Create Queue Manager
       - Directory structure
       - Problem determination
       - MQS commands
       - Define Queues (local/alias/model/...)
       - Set up triggering
  • Interconnected systems:
      - Remote queue definitions
       - Set up Message Channels
       - Dead Letter Queue handling
       - Configure for MQS Clients
  • MQSeries Clusters
  • We can cover any and all topics—topics can be added or deleted per Client's needs

WORKSTATIONS are needed for this session.

System Administration experience (NT, UNIX, AS/400 or z/OS (MVS)) and Introduction to MQSeries


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