MQSeries Programming Seminar –
4 Days depending on platform

This session introduces the concepts of commercial messaging and explains how the MQSeries product fits the messaging application model in large networks and in client/server configurations.
The first day of the course introduces the basic concepts and facilities of MQSeries. Days 2 and 3 provide a 'quick start' technical introduction for application development staff.
Additional programming or system administration topics can be covered in customized follow-up workshops that address specific customer needs.
AUDIENCE Day 1 End users, managers, system architects, application programmers and analysts, as well as operations and technical support staff that need an understanding of the MQSeries products will benefit from the first day.

Days 2 & 3 Development staff (application programmers and analysts) will benefit from the technical information provided in the second and third day of the course.
SESSION CONTENT Day 1: OS/390 and Distributed Platforms
  • Commercial Messaging Concepts
  • Introduction to the MQSeries Product
  • Platforms supported by MQSeries
  • MQSeries Queue Managers and objects
  • Overview of messages and message queues
  • MQI - the Application Programming Interface
  • MQSeries Administration and Operation
  • MQSeries Networking
  • MQSeries Client/Server Configurations
  • MQSeries Clusters
  • Security
  • Transactional Support
Day 2 & 3 : More on the MQI
  • Preparing Application Programs
  • MQSeries Constants
  • Minor MQI Calls (Inquire/Set, Commit/Rollback, ...)
  • Using Dynamic Queues (Dynamic Permanent, Dynamic Temporary)
  • Message Types, Priorities, Triggering
  • Use of Message ID and Correlation ID
  • Reports
  • Data Conversion
  • Design Walkthrough

Day 4 : Distributed Platforms

  • Message Gruops, Segmenting, Distribution Lists
  • Analyzing Message Header Information
  • We can cover any and all topics—topics can be added or deleted per Client's needs

WORKSTATIONS are needed for this session.

No prior experience is required for day 1. Application programming concepts in a networked environment is required to benefit from the programming seminar on days 2 and 3.


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