Parallel Sysplex Advanced Operations & Recovery
5 Days

The course will concentrate on the operational recovery aspects of the Parallel Sysplex environment. The student will learn about basic problem diagnosis, the commands necessary to display and monitor parallel sysplex status, and the means necessary to recovery from failure scenarios.

AUDIENCE—Course is designed for Systems Programmers and Computer Operators that must plan for and manage Parallel Sysplex recovery scenarios. This course will include recovery procedures for subsystems, as well as basic diagnostic procedures.


Introduction to parallel sysplex problem management
  • Key parallel sysplex components
  • Basic problem diagnosis and component analysis
  • Documentation sources
Introduction to diagnostics and problem analysis
  • Data gathering
  • System commands to gather status information
  • Problem types
Failure scenarios and recovery options
  • Hardware problems:
    • Hardware Management Console (HMC) problems
    • Console failures
    • Coupling facility failures
  • Software problems:
    • Failure of couple data sets
  • Configuration problems:
    • Dynamically migrating resource sharing components (ie: GRS, JES2)
    • Policy changes and pending conditions
    • Sysplex-wide activation for dynamically added new CF
  • Startup/Shutdown problems:
    • Recovery from IPL problems during system activation
Sysplex recovery options
  • Sysplex Failure Manager (SFM) policies
  • Establishing SFM policies for different recovery scenarios
  • Differences in recovery with and without SFM policies
  • Identify problems during structure rebuild and possible corrective actions

PREQUISITES—The student should have completed Parallel Sysplex Overview & Operations or have equivalent knowledge.


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