Visual Basic Introduction Workshop
4 Days

AUDIENCE Individuals with no experience with Visual Basic or similar applications, mainframe programmers needing to develop applications on a PC, Project Leaders requiring a working knowledge of Visual Basic and Database Administration staff requiring an understanding of what programmers will be using for application development. Students should have a working knowledge of PC environment and relational DBMS, a basic programming language, and less than 4 weeks' light experience with Visual Basic.
  • GUI design issues and considerations
  • Steps to create and run an application
  • Windows within Visual Basic: Toolbox, Project, Properties, Code, Menu Design, Debug and Color Palette
  • Create and modify Forms and change Forms when running applications
  • Define variables and placement of "common code"
  • Establish control objects (Check Box, List Boxes, Option buttons and Labels, Text Boxes, Frames, Data Control and Command Buttons)
  • Use of the Menu Design Window to create custom menus
  • Coding of custom procedures; variables
  • Mouse events
  • Accessing files (Sequential, Random Access and Creating Databases using the Visual Basic Jet Engine)
  • Debug Visual Basic applications
Our expert instructors can cover any and all topics on this
subject. Topics can be added or deleted per Customer's needs.


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