Structured Analysis and Design
5 Days
Structured System Design consists of a series of presentations, discussions, and exercises. A workshop session is used to refine and reinforce the concepts of the seminar. This class is based on the transition from Structured Systems Analysis to Structured Systems Design. The characteristics of the major Structured System Design tool - the Structure Chart - are presented in detail. Two strategies are presented and discussed for developing Structured Charts based on Data Flow Diagrams (Transaction-Centered and Transform-Centered).

Several approaches are presented for determining the "correctness" of a structured chart's design. A workshop case study is used to practice the development of structure charts; and analysis of the "correctness" of this structure chart.

AUDIENCE Structured System Design is intended for Programmers, System Analysts, System Designers, Project Leaders, Project Managers, and System End Users who are involved in the design of application systems. Familiarity with the Systems Design process is desirable but not required.
  • Describe the role of Structured System Design in the System Development life cycle
  • List and describe the major tools of Structured Analysis
  • Use Transform Analysis and Transaction Analysis to develop an initial design structured chart
  • Revise/refine a first structured chart
  • List and describe the components for design evaluation
  • Use Structured Walk-throughs for evaluation of a structure chart
  • Develop and evaluate a detailed structured chart
  • Present a team-developed structured chart for a class presentation for review and refinement


  • Introduction
  • Systems Development
  • The Basics of Design
  • How do we do Design?
  • Components of a Structured Specification
  • The Structure Chart
  • The Qualities of Design "Goodness"
  • Cohesion
  • Heuristics
  • Transform Analysis
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Structured Walkthru
  • Packaging
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Managing the Structured Analysis process

Case Study Workshop

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