Cisco Router Configuration (ICRD) Introduction
5 Days

The student will be able to configure Cisco routers in multi-protocol internetworks. Through lectures, discussions, exercises, and laboratory projects, students will use hands-on labs to configure a classroom intranet using Cisco routers. You will learn to apply Cisco IOS software commands to start up and configure newly installed routers. Students will learn all basic configuration procedures to build a multi-protocol, internetwork that uses LAN and WAN interfaces and the most commonly used routing and routed protocols.

AUDIENCE is network administrators and technicians who configure and support multi-protocol internetworks, and engineers who are getting started with basic Cisco IOS software.

  • Introduction to Internetworking
  • The OSI model and its function
  • Network Layer and Path Determination
  • Cisco IOS Software
  • Basic Router Operations
  • Configuring and Access to a Router
  • Networking Protocol Suites
  • TCP/IP Overview
  • IP Address Configuration
  • IP Routing Configuration
  • Configuring Novell IPX
  • Configuring AppleTalk
  • Basic Traffic Management with Access Lists
  • Ide-Area Networking
  • Introduction to Serial Connections
  • Configuring X.25
  • Configuring Frame Relay
  • Our CISCO experts can cover any and all topics on this subject—topics can be added or deleted per Client’s needs.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of data networking and using LAN and TCP/IP protocols.


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