TCP/IP for z/OS Implementation and Customization
5 Days

This course provides the fundamentals of TCP/IP operations along with installation and customization. Topics include basic networking, TCP/IP architecture, and customization requirements for z/OS, defining network interfaces, configuring application services, and establishing a subnet environment.

  • Understand TCP/IP Configuration
  • Learn TCP/IP Customization
  • Knowledge of Routing and VIPA
  • Learn about Application Customization
  • Understand Policy Based Networking
  • Systems programmers and network specialists that need to install and customize TCP/IP in z/OS environments.
Session Content

TCP/IP Overview
  • Introduction to the TCP/IP protocol stack, MPC I/O processes, and CSM.
  • Review connectivity and gateway functions supported by Communications Server.
  • Examine networking protocols using IPv4 or IPv6.
  • Review file systems and application interfaces.
  • Examine TCP/IP packaging for z/OS.
TCP/IP Configuration Overview
  • UNIX System Services concepts and file structure.
  • Understanding Resolvers
  • Configuration files for the TCP/IP stack and search orders
  • Configuration files for TCP/IP applications
  • Review considerations for Enterprise Extender, VIPA, and multiple instances of TCP/IP
TCP/IP Customization
  • Configuring the syslog daemon
  • Configuring TCPIP.DATA and PROFILE.TCPIP
  • Configuring the local host table
  • Verifying the configuration
Routing and VIPA
  • IPv4 and IPv6 overview
  • Dynamic versus Static routing
  • Routing verification
  • Dynamic versus Static VIPA
  • VIPA considerations for implementation
  • OMPRoute (Open MVS MultiProtocol Routing Daemon)
Application Customization
  • Configuration and customization requirements for FTP
  • Domain name system
  • Network management and SNMP configuration
  • Verifying the configuration
Policy Based Networking
  • Basic requirements
  • Quality of Service policies
  • Intrusion Detection policies

Prerequisites: General knowledge of z/OS and TCP/IP.

Workstations are needed for this session.


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