WLM, Sysplex, and USS Advanced Performance Management
4 Days

The course will concentrate on the taking an integrated approach to performance management by addressing the z/OS e-business perspective. Elements to be explored will focus on Workload Manager functions, the parallel sysplex, and UNIX system services and how each can be monitored and managed for optimum performance.


z/OS E-business Overview
  • z/OS architecture and enhancements
  • Applications and functionality extended by z/architecture
Parallel Sysplex Concepts and architecture
  • Examine the components of a parallel sysplex and the performance issues which are unique to that environment.
  • Review the architecture and operation of the coupling facility
  • Discuss configuration choices and impact on performance
SYSPLEX Performance Considerations
  • Overhead calculations for parallel sysplex operation
  • Examine Coupling Facility signaling performance and the factors that may affect throughput
  • Establish Coupling Facility sizing and tuning requirements
  • Review performance considerations for Couple data sets
  • Evaluate tuning options for XCF/XES services
  • Examine XCF and CF RMF Reports
Workload Manager (WLM) Considerations
  • Workload managers and WLM services
  • Enclave reporting and managament
  • Examine application environments
  • Determine requirements for Resource Affinity Scheduling and Scheduling environments
  • Understanding workload balancing algorithms
  • WLM classification rules for applications
UNIX System Services
  • USS environment and controls
  • Hierarchical File System (HFS) performance considerations
  • Displaying USS information
  • WLM considerations for USS
  • Websphere architecture Version 5
  • Performance information and recommended values
  • WLM considerations
  • HTTP server classification and monitoring

Course is designed for performance analysts or systems programmers that have a need for a better understanding about the mechanisms and data available for performance management in the e-business environment.


Basic understanding of the z/OS Operating System, WLM, and UNIX system services.


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