Introduction to Java using WebSphere Studio App Developer
5 Days

Through a combination of instructor-led discussions and hands on workshops the course will illustrate the methods and techniques for developing applications using IBM’s WebSphere Studio Application Developer. The course will offer a practical introduction to the Java programming language and discuss Java topics like; class definitions and hierarchies, polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction, exception handling, Java data types, flow control, conditional testing, single and multidimensional arrays, JDBC access and the creation of Java applications. Each of the topics will be taught while utilizing the basic components of IBM’s toolset; project creation and navigation, source editor and team development, java compiler, debugging and testing tools and the other aspects of IBM’s WebSphere Studio Application Developer IDE.
AUDIENCE Application developers, programmers and other technical professionals transitioning to Java that will be utilizing IBM’s WebSphere Studio Application Developer as their IDE development tool.
OBJECTIVES Upon conclusion participants will have acquired these skills:
  • Understand the roots and benefits of object oriented application design
  • Illustrate each of the key OO concepts of inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation and abstraction.
  • Understand a class definition and its components of data and access methods.
  • Depict the major differences between procedural application development and object-oriented systems in both design and implementation.
  • Utilize the source repository and debugging features of VisualAge for managing all java source testing binary files.
  • Understand the role of exception handling and its implementation.
  • Illustrate Java file access considerations using streams and buffers.
  • Depict the role of JDBC in RDBMS database access and updating.
  • Illustrate the basic concepts behind even-driven programming and its role in an OO application environment.
  • OO Overview
  • VisualAge Environment
  • Debugging
  • Encapsulation/Abstraction
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Class Definitions
  • Exception Handling
  • JDBC

  • CLASS FORMAT Lecture and Lab
    PREREQUISITES: Each student should have a basic understanding of the Windows environment and a fundamental knowledge of any application programming language. No object-oriented background is required.
    Our expert instructors can cover any and all topics on this
    subject. Topics can be added or deleted per Customer's needs.


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