WebSphere Studio Application Developer Migration
3 Days

This course utilizes a combination of instructor-led discussions and interactive workshops to demonstrate the capabilities of IBM’s WebSphere Studio Application Developer IDE for the development of J2EE enterprise applications in an N-tier architecture. This course will illustrate the following topics; common workbench functions, integrated toolset support, development and deployment, import and export issues, single server stage creation, JAR/WAR/EAR file concepts, team support, XML development, Web Services (UDDI, SOAP, WSDL), denote IDE migration strategies, WTE configuration, EAR and WAR migration, JDBC data sources, JAR files, and VisualAge for Java migration strategies.

AUDIENCE Experienced Java and Web developers that are migrating their web application development efforts from another IDE toolset to IBM’s WebSphere Studio Application Developer.
OBJECTIVES Upon conclusion participants will have acquired these skills:
  • Understand the capabilities of the WebSphere Studio Application Developer
  • Demonstrate source migration from VisualAge for Java and WebSphere Studio
  • Defining single-server stage to support migration
  • Illustrating team support issues
  • Depict tools project object hierarchy
  • Use the XML editor to define web applications
  • Define and configure WTE WebSphere Studio Application Developer server
  • Deploying applications to WebSphere Application Server
  • Migrating enterprise JavaBeans to WebSphere Studio Application Developer
  • Understand EJB deployment strategies for JAR and EAR files
  • Overview
  • Project Hierarchy
  • Source Migration
  • WTE Configuration
  • Web Services
  • XML Support
  • Team support
  • Deployment
  • Summary
CLASS FORMAT Lecture and Lab
PREREQUISITES: Each student should have a thorough understanding of the Java language and use of the VisualAge for Java IDE.
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