Server Side Development using WebSphere Studio Application Developer v4.0
5 Days

This course will integrate a combination of instructor-led discussions and interactive workshops to demonstrate the development and testing of server-side applications using J2EE component model. This course will focus on illustrating the use of the WebSphere Studio Application Developer product for developing servlets, JavaServer Pages and JavaBeans. Additionally, the role of the WebSphere Application Server Single Server edition for testing, WAR and EAR files, debugging and deployment will be highlighted. Each student will learn the best practices solution for developing J2EE applications using Model-View-Controller framework and the separation of servlets, JSPs and JavaBean components.
AUDIENCE Java developers, web page designers and other professionals that will be designing, developing and implementing interactive Websites using HTML, JavaServer Pages, servlets, JavaBeans and implementing them using IBM’s WebSphere Application Server.
OBJECTIVES Upon conclusion participants will have acquired these skills:
  • Understand the role of the WebSphere Studio Application Developer tool
  • Illustrate the J2EE component model and role in designing server-side applications
  • Develop, debug and test servlet applications
  • Develop, debug and test JavaServer Pages
  • Integrate JavaBeans with the servlet/JSP development model
  • Understand role or Web services
  • Understand role of JDBC to establish connectivity to relational structures
  • Use of existing Enterprise JavaBeans for application business logic
  • Assemble and perform integration testing of J2EE applications
  • Deploy applications to WebSphere Application Server Advanced Single Server Edition
  • Overview
  • Servlets
  • JavaServer Pages
  • JDBC
  • JavaBeans
  • Test Environment
  • J2EE Overview
  • Web Services
  • EJB
  • Deployment
CLASS FORMAT Lecture and Lab
PREREQUISITES: Each student should have a basic understanding of the WWW and have been exposed to the Java programming language.
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